Dear America,

Dear America,

I stopped watching and reading the news months ago because your intentional decline is not something I wish to participate in. It’s shameful that we, as a collective nation, vilify and sabotage one another for nothing more than monetary and political gain. I never thought I would become apathetic towards the nation we served for so many years, yet I have. How is it okay for politicians to promote gun ownership over the right of high school students to live? Follow the money trail…

When did it become permissible for people to show such blatant hate towards one another? Not a single one of us can prevent the color, or lack thereof, of our skin. This is a racist nation, no doubt about it, though within this nation there are people willing to reach across the proverbial aisle and hold the hand of someone who looks different. Those who are unwilling to admit that America has failed people of ALL colors? Follow the money trail…

You don’t want to get vaccinated? Don’t. Plain and simple. I’d like to ask you to pay the increases in MY health insurance to cover the costs of YOUR treatments. Not willing? Follow the money trail…

You want to prevent safe abortions for women in need? You claim to be “pro-life?”  You’re not, you’re pro-birth. Life happens between birth and 18. Who is going to support this babe that was forced on a 14 year old child that was raped? Who is going to provide a life to the homeless teenagers and women that society has turned its back on? Where is the pro-life movement in these situations? Follow the money trail…

America, if you think you’re still a powerful and respected nation on the world’s stage, think again. As a nation we are rapidly heading towards a failed state status. If you’re not white, rich and of the male gender, you simply don’t matter. Why? Follow the money trail…

My rant may make you mad, it’s supposed to. I don’t have a lot of money. I don’t live in a grand house, just a small and older apartment. I don’t have all the answers, but I know the One who does. I believe in God, and I have many friends that don’t. I walked away myself many years ago. I came back because I was nothing without Him. Whether you believe or not isn’t something that I can make change, but I can pray for ALL souls, and I do. It’s MY time I’m wasting if that’s what you think. MINE, not yours. I have seen with my own eyes what the Hand of God can do, and I choose to follow Him, not the money trail… Do churches succumb to the almighty (not) dollar? Every single day! Are all pastors, priests, clergy, and churchgoers above reproach? Not by a long shot. Am I? Ah, not even close. I am one among millions lost and struggling to find a place in this country where love is present in spite of politics and money. I am one among millions that never seems to be heard by the masses. It’s okay. God hears me, that’s all I need.

This very morning I made the mistake of reading the headlines and am appalled, as I always am these days, by the level of hate, discourse and downright meanness of the press at large. ALL of it. I bleed for this country that once showed such great promise, but is now so divided, I’m bleeding out. If my bleeding to death on the altar of America would solve our problems, I’d willingly sacrifice myself for the future generations to know a kinder, more accepting place to live. I don’t have enough money to buy a politician, and I pray I never do. As a people, we are to blame. Yes, we are… We vote the same people into office year after year after year, and yet seem surprised that things don’t improve! Do you know the definition of insanity???

America, I miss the promise of you. I miss the days when respect was normal and kindness mattered. Now it’s all about dumbing down, fleecing, blaming and, most importantly, money. Follow the money trail…

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